Autostar PortalPay™
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It’s easy to get started with PortalPay. Simply register by clicking the New User link and completing the information fields on screen. Your dealer or finance company will provide you with registration information. PortalPay will send you an email containing your user name and temporary password.

Once registered, simply log in to PortalPay.

If you have questions, click the Help button in PortalPay, or contact your dealer or finance company.

Around the clock, seven days a week, PortalPay is ready when you are. With PortalPay, you can:

• Make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments. PortalPay sends you an email confirmation for each payment.
• Print a receipt.
• View your account history, including the date paid, the amount paid and the payment method.
• Get a payoff quote.
• Get your PassTime or ON TIME® code.
• Make payments separately against all balances (side note, primary, pickup payment).


Make It Automatic
If desired, set up PortalPay to automatically make recurring payments on specific dates. Payments can be made through ACH (checking and savings account) processing or via your credit card. Your payment gets paid on time, every time. PortalPay will send you an email confirming your payment.

Account Management
Do you have multiple balances or buyers? With PortalPay, you can make payments against all balances (side note, primary, pickup payment) separately. And, all buyers, co-buyers, and co-signers can have separate accounts from which they make and view payments.

What’s My History?
Simply access your account on PortalPay to see your complete account history, including the date paid, the amount paid and the payment method.

Payoff Time
You can find the total amount of money you owe on the loan anytime using PortalPay.

The Autostar PortalPay™ site is a PCI/DSS compliant site. This means that our site adheres to the strict technical guidelines designed to prevent credit card fraud, hacking, and other security threats. Another way we protect your data is through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification. The Secure Socket Layer protocol is designed to ensure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. This means that all of your transactions conducted through Autostar PortalPay™ are secure and protected.

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